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Our services include:


specification writing

project management

client 'hand-holding'

on-going support

With so many school IT iniatives from the government in progress including the implementation of learning platforms and parent portals, it can be a potential mine field for schools to successfully implement everything with limited resources. Therefore, Cavendish provides impartial technical IT consultancy to schools, giving technical advise to them when they are working with a third party supplier.

Our experience at Cavendish means that we understand the needs of a school. We provide a 'bridge' between school staff and software application companies.

Staff leading technical projects are often not experienced in the application being implemented and, although they know what they want as an end configuration of an application, they do not necessarily know how or what to specify in order to get it.

Application development companies are often complicated beasts that are good technically at what they do but do not always see things from a school's view point. Therefore, often their interpretation of a school's request is not interrogated enough and mis-understandings occur.

Cavendish provides a service that 'joins-the-dots' between the two parties. We speak in a language that both understand so that mis-understandings are avoided and project objectives are achieved.

If your organisation is about to start implementing an IT project for your school but you would like some down-to-earth hand holding and guidance to help manage the project, please contact us to discuss ways that Cavendish may be able to help you.

- Telephone + 44 (0) 845 899 0013 or

- email

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